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Photo by Akshay Sharma on Unsplash

Toward Reptile Conservation

Recent mapping research provides a new avenue for development of conservation efforts...
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Photo by Guido Jansen on Unsplash

The burning land

Ecological terrorism at the Gaza border creates shadows on Israel’s landscape...
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Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Out of sight, out of mind

By now, most of us know that there is an alarming amount of plastic floating around in our oceans in...
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SESAME: A beacon of light

A particle-accelerator in Jordan brings together scientists from the Middle East...
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How to protect the skin (and the environment)

The commonly used sunscreen is bad for the environment and has health side effects to humans too. How can we avoid them?...
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Tel Aviv, the city of bikes?

What can Tel Aviv learn from Copenhagen, Europe’s no. 1 in bicycle-friendliness?...
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Fashion from ocean plastic

Adidas joins the wave of fashion companies producing clothes from recycled plastic waste. But will it help to cut fashion industry’s environmental toll?...
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Ein Avdat in the Zin Valley in the Negev. Photo by: Andrew Shiva, Wikipedia

Should we make the desert bloom?

Is the desert “nothingness that needs to be conquered" or a unique environment we should protect? The long ecological history of the Negev might hold the key to the answer...
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Israel’s markets are about to get ugly

A team of students work to bring Israel’s ugly fruits and vegetables to supermarkets nationwide, in order to cut food waste and environmental harm...
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A traffic jam in the Red Sea

Is diving in Eilat destroying its very purpose?...
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