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Ten Percent Green Electricity for Israel in 2020?

According to Israel’s energy commitments, ten percent of its electricity will be supplied by renewable energy sources in 2020. How close is Israel to meeting this goal, and how does it match up with other nations in the world?
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Israeli scientists call on policymakers to act on climate change

Coinciding with the UN Climate Action Summit in New York, Israeli scientists issued a large-scale petition urging their government to take radical action against climate change. “Climate change is happening here and now, and its effects are clear and palpable,” the experts say
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Will a New Pipeline Project Save the Dead Sea?

In a region of the world where freshwater is scarce, the Dead Sea is disappearing, and collaboration among neighboring countries is nearly impossible, Israel and Jordan are making strides to budget the Red Sea-Dead Sea Conveyance
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A hole in the heart of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area

Coastal cities in Israel, like many cities around the world, are likely to experience increased land subsidence as a result of declining groundwater levels
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Solving a Long Standing Sewage Problem

An imminent environmental crisis in Jerusalem and the surrounding Kidron Valley is bringing together Palestinian Authorities and Israeli officials to solve a long-standing sewage issue
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Cow Power from Israel

The agriculture industry contributes heavily to greenhouse gas emissions, but an Israeli start-up might have developed the only complete solution for treating agricultural waste through biogas production
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A Boiling Forecast for the Century

Israel faces alarming news about extreme heat due to global climate change, but trouble almost always comes with opportunity
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A Spillover Crisis: How Gaza’s Water Shortage Affects Israel

Recently, the Israel Water Authority announced an upgrade to the water supply line from Israel to the Gaza Strip. The renovations will be carried out on Israeli territory. But will upgrading the water supply on only one side of the border solve an transboundary issue?
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Can Israel become an energy independent nation?

Israel's energy infrastructure relies on a centralized source supplying mainly natural gas to power plants all over the country. Natural disasters, supply shortages or war could quickly bring a nation's electricity grid to its knees
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The price of water

Israeli scientists fear for public health due to mineral deficiency in desalinated seawater
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