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Corporate Sustainability: To B or Not to B

In recent years, more than 3,900 companies around the world have received B Corps certification, a badge awarded to businesses and organizations for sustainable business performances. But only four are Israeli companies. Why are they the only ones and what are they expected to gain from this move in the near future?
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What is the Future for Green Jobs?

In the global effort to economically recover from the Coronavirus pandemic, government leaders worldwide are discussing and debating the transition towards green economies to curb the negative effects of the current climate crisis in the process. Can Israel follow suit?
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A Botanical Cure for Construction Sector’s Heavy Carbon Emissions

In the effort to decarbonize the buildings and construction sector, a CleanTech Israeli company has developed a unique and environmentally friendly building material: the kenaf plant.
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The Farms Keep Flooding

Heavy winter rainfall events are producing intense and frequent floods to many agricultural areas in Israel. With greater financial damages accruing over time, what measures can be taken to better protect farmer’s livelihoods and our source of food?
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The Green Way to Recover from COVID-19

Experts in economics, policy, and environmental fields have presented a detailed plan designed to rescue the Israeli economy from the hardships brought on by the Coronavirus. Can green initiatives improve our environment and repair Israel’s economic crisis?
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Israel must aim for net-zero emissions

One of Israel's primary goals should be to quit fossil fuels and create an economy with zero emissions by 2050. That is the dominant global trend, and if we do not change our course, we may pay a severe economic price.
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In times of COVID-19, science must count

Informed decision-making depends on reliable data - but there seems to be a shortage of such information in Israel. Experts explain what is missing in the decision-making process during the corona crisis.
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Going green: Tourism in a post-coronavirus world

What will local and global tourism look like after the Corona crisis? Dr. Yael Ram, a tourism researcher, thinks that flights and resorts will return, but the industry must be aware of its impact on the environment in order to be prepared for future crises
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Food Security in a Post-COVID-19 World

Are food imports and exports a thing of the past? What will food security in a post-COVID-19 world look like?
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From COVID-19 to Sustainable Economy?

While global leaders are trying to transition their economies back on track, environmental activists see a unique opportunity for governments to embrace more sustainable economic and environmental principles
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