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Current estimates suggest that the global budget required for sustainable development exceeds $10 trillion annually. Photo: nattanan23, pixabay

An Opportunity for Sustainable Development in Israel

Opinion: adopting the financial model that was in use during Israel's first years could help fund sustainable development of the state's war-inflicted regions
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Photo by Mincho Kavaldzhiev on Unsplash

Let’s Rethink Our Materials

The fight against the climate crisis requires the replacement of the materials that intensify its impacts. Other materials can contribute to a more environmentally prosperous future, and we must educate ourselves to use and develop them in Israel.
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Photo by Noa Zuckerman

Can Plant-Covered Buildings Cool Things Down?

With each passing summer, cities are getting hotter and more unbearable. With the demand for cooling at an all-time high, a new Israeli study investigates the real-scale benefits of living green buildings on the urban environment and human health.
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Setting Sail with Sustainable Shopping

As textile and clothing production and its waste generation wildly ramp up, one organization is showing just how well sustainable conduct could transform the overly excessive nature of the fashion industry.
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Industrial Symbiosis: Good For the Economy, Good For the Environment

How do industries break a decades-long cycle of indiscriminate waste dumping when our own economy encourages it? Answer: Educate the market. With a little nudge, one industry’s waste can be another’s raw material.
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Corporate Sustainability: To B or Not to B

In recent years, more than 3,900 companies around the world have received B Corps certification, a badge awarded to businesses and organizations for sustainable business performances. But only four are Israeli companies. Why are they the only ones and what are they expected to gain from this move in the near future?
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What is the Future for Green Jobs?

In the global effort to economically recover from the Coronavirus pandemic, government leaders worldwide are discussing and debating the transition towards green economies to curb the negative effects of the current climate crisis in the process. Can Israel follow suit?
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Photo courtesy of Kenaf Ventures

A Botanical Cure for Construction Sector’s Heavy Carbon Emissions

In the effort to decarbonize the buildings and construction sector, a CleanTech Israeli company has developed a unique and environmentally friendly building material: the kenaf plant.
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Photo by Roey Egozi

The Farms Keep Flooding

Heavy winter rainfall events are producing intense and frequent floods to many agricultural areas in Israel. With greater financial damages accruing over time, what measures can be taken to better protect farmer’s livelihoods and our source of food?
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The Green Way to Recover from COVID-19

Experts in economics, policy, and environmental fields have presented a detailed plan designed to rescue the Israeli economy from the hardships brought on by the Coronavirus. Can green initiatives improve our environment and repair Israel’s economic crisis?
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