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Welcome To ZAVIT – Israel's science and environment news agency

Searching for new articles, interviews, expert opinions, photos, and videos regarding science and the environment in Israel? ZAVIT is your gateway to Israeli environmental research.

ZAVIT is an initiative of The Israeli Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences (established in 1970), and its unique online platform publishes accurate, unbiased, free-to-use information on a daily basis.

Our stories cover a wide range of environmental issues related to Israel: Green-tech, water, energy, climate change, health, agriculture, and much more.

We invite you to join us and get exclusive access to our stories and publish them. More information on how to do it is right here below.

Exclusive Content for media outlets

Zavit offers new and original content about science and environment in Israel. Registered journalists enjoy full access to this unique content and can turn articles into exclusive stories (including contact details of interviewees and other relevant information).

As a registered journalist, you get permission to lock a story, making it invisible to anyone else for 48 hours – with one click. Two hours before the 48-hour lock expires, you will receive an email notification from Zavit. You can decide to use the story, or release it making the story available for all other registered journalists.

Meet the Staff

Racheli Wacks

Racheli Wacks

Staff Writer

Dr. Ori Sharon

Dr. Ori Sharon

CEO The Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences