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The Forgotten Reef

There is a little natural wonder, hidden underwater just off the beach of the Bat Galim neighborhood in Haifa. But the authorities’ continued disregard for the site could significantly damage its unique ecosystem
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Under the radar: How sportfishing in Israel contributes to a crisis in the Mediterranean Sea

Sportfishing in Israel has various negative effects on the health of the Mediterranean fisheries. What can be done to improve this situation?
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Israeli scientists work to save the country’s coastline from rising tide

Ancient escarpments along Israel’s coast are being broken down by the constant wave action while the sea level rises and beaches disappear. What does this mean for Israel’s changing coastline?
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Light pollution in the Red Sea

New research in Eilat shows that artificial light at night from surrounding tourist attractions has negative effects on corals
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Too much water for the Kinneret?

Since the beginning of the year, the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) has been rising at a consistent rate. Over the last couple of weeks, the water level has been pushing closer and closer to the “upper red line,” reaching a 16-year high. Such an extreme rise does not come without ecological implications
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“Flowing,” Israel’s one-of-a-kind TV Series

With COVID-19 dominating the news, many people on lockdown are looking for new and entertaining shows to take their mind off things. Look no further than Zormim (“Flowing”).
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Photo by Jasmin_Sessler on Pixabay

Coronavirus crisis likely to exacerbate Israel’s plastic problem

Partial lockdown raises concerns over potential increase in demand for single-use items due to food delivery services and protective masks; but while plastics may temporarily be on rise, outbreak could have positive impact on country's green credentials
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Wastewater Treatment Gives Hope to Alexander River

Pollution sources originating from the West Bank remain a serious threat to the ecology of the Alexander River. An ongoing project to build a new Israeli wastewater treatment plant offers the possibility of full river restoration within the next decade
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Sustainable Food For The Future

Have you ever considered where your food is produced? The vast majority of our protein comes from land-based farm operations, while only 15% of protein comes from the sea. Cultivating seaweed and aquatic organisms including fish has the potential to provide our global population with high-quality resources with numerous proven health benefits
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Scientist finds microplastics in milk

A simple experiment conducted by an Israeli scientist has revealed, once again, that microplastics are everywhere. Not only in the environment but also in many every-day consumer products
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