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Sustainable food for the future

Have you ever considered where your food is produced? The vast majority of our protein comes from land-based farm operations, while only 15% of protein comes from the sea. Cultivating seaweed and aquatic organisms including fish has the potential to provide our global population with high-quality resources with numerous proven health benefits
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Scientist finds microplastics in milk

A simple experiment conducted by an Israeli scientist has revealed, once again, that microplastics are everywhere. Not only in the environment but also in many every-day consumer products
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Israeli Organization is Taking a Stand on Plastics

Plastic Free Israel, an Israeli grassroots organization, is promoting environmentally conscious alternatives and raising awareness of how to live a plastic-free life by educating, motivating, and inspiring individuals to be role models for the planet
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Israeli scientists use prawns to fight tropical disease

Aquaculture practices are most commonly used to increase food security, ensure the nutritional needs of people, boost a nation’s economy through trade, and provide jobs. However, Israeli researchers are using aquaculture techniques to reduce tropical infectious diseases
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Israel is taking on the Jellies

Every summer, jellyfish appear in the coastal waters of Israel, deterring beachgoers, thus, damaging the tourism industry. Now, Israeli scientists developed an app that helps to track these sea creatures in order to make one’s beach experience more enjoyable
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Will a New Pipeline Project Save the Dead Sea?

In a region of the world where freshwater is scarce, the Dead Sea is disappearing, and collaboration among neighboring countries is nearly impossible, Israel and Jordan are making strides to budget the Red Sea-Dead Sea Conveyance
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Keeping the Mediterranean Sea Alive

Human development, overfishing, and increased pollution and tourism have led to decreases in marine biodiversity in the eastern Mediterranean. Israel has issued a third research proposal to see how Marine Protected Areas help shelter surrounding ecosystems
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Two cities set on tackling plastic

In a move to curb pollution, two cities in Israel ban single-use plastics from beaches
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Turning 71: Israel’s top environmental stories of the year

Israeli Independence Day is just around the corner, and during this past year a lot has happened; especially in environmental matters
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Red Sea corals may be resilient to climate change

Corals in the Gulf of Aqaba/Eilat continue to thrive under extreme conditions, similar to those expected to prevail towards the end of the 21st century
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