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Israeli scientists working to save the countries coastline from rising tide

Ancient escarpments along Israel’s coast are being broken down by the constant wave action while the sea level rises and beaches disappear. What does this mean for Israel’s changing coastline?
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Aviation Arrives at a Crossroads

The spread of Coronavirus is financially crumbling the airline industry, but will its predicted comeback boost prior carbon offsetting efforts for the sake of the environment, or will its economic fossil fuel associated recovery prevail over climate-conscious innovations?
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A Smokeless Lag BaOmer

The decision to cancel Lag BaOmar bonfires this year due to the coronavirus could serve as an opportunity to find more original and less health-damaging and environmentally harmful ways to celebrate the holiday
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Too much water for the Kinneret?

Since the beginning of the year, the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) has been rising at a consistent rate. Over the last couple of weeks, the water level has been pushing closer and closer to the “upper red line,” reaching a 16-year high. Such an extreme rise does not come without ecological implications
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Overpopulation in Israel: A self-made crisis

With COVID-19 all over the news and on everyone’s mind, it’s easy to cast aside the issues that are at the root of many of modern society's problems and those that could exacerbate global crises like Coronavirus
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City animals: nuisance or neighbors?

With cities attracting more people every year, tolerance for urban animal life is in question. An audio tour project created by an Israeli researcher is shifting perspectives
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Coronavirus crisis likely to exacerbate Israel’s plastic problem

Partial lockdown raises concerns over potential increase in demand for single-use items due to food delivery services and protective masks; but while plastics may temporarily be on rise, outbreak could have positive impact on country's green credentials
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Making Purim Sustainable

How to celebrate Purim while minimizing the environmental damage
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Israeli Organization is Taking a Stand on Plastics

Plastic Free Israel, an Israeli grassroots organization, is promoting environmentally conscious alternatives and raising awareness of how to live a plastic-free life by educating, motivating, and inspiring individuals to be role models for the planet
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Green from the Outside, Business on the Inside

An Israeli researcher conducted a study demonstrating how the portrayal of landscapes and the environment has shifted in advertisements from the 1950s until now
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