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Flavio~ from Mazkeret Batia, Israel, CC BY 2.0

Etrogs in danger: Will Israel be able to grow citron in the future?

Global warming and extreme weather could spell the end of cultivating citrus trees and the entire industry here, Israeli experts say
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Green-spored Parasol - Poisonous, Photo by Yehudit Golan

Small, Yet Dangerous: Too Many Israelis are Poisoned by Wild Mushrooms

A new study reveals the patterns of wild mushroom poisoning in our country: most casualties are men and children up to 6. And where do most poisonings occur? No, it is not dense forests – but rather the neighborly lawns
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Gay Acacia. Photo by Tamar Kafri

Making the Acacia Great Again

A new study recommends that the Aravah and Negev areas will be planted with acacia trees of species that don’t occur naturally in Israel – including the gay acacia, which currently grows in the neighboring Kingdom of Jordan. The purpose of that is to help the important ecosystems which are dependent on the acacias, that are growing weaker and weaker
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Photo by Omer Golan

The Forest Can’t Be Seen for the Beetles

The balance of power in the forests has been maintained for years, yet now tiny beetles threaten to take over our pines. A new study suggests using inanimate forest rangers: "trap trees" which would keep the miniature pests away from the trees
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Photo By The Laboratory for Civil and Environmental Robotics at the Technion's Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Robotic Farmers of the Future

Israeli researchers from the Technion are developing a solution that addresses the shortages in seasonal harvesters: robots that pick fruit for us
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Photo by Alex Belogub on Unsplash

The Plight of Next-Generation Trees

A new Israeli study finds young forest trees struggling to reach maturity due to the harsh drought conditions intensified by the climate crisis.
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Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

Take from the Rich and Give to the Poor: Forest Edition

A new Israeli study finds carbon passing from healthy trees to struggling trees all thanks to the fungi that grow on their roots.
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Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

The Importance of a Diverse Forest Inventory

A new Israeli study finds forests with greater varieties of tree species capture and store more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than forests dominated by one main species. From stock markets to combating the climate crisis the advice is the same; it’s always good to diversify.
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Photo by Yonatan Bar-Yosef

Let’s Pool it Together

As climate change and land development projects persist around the world, vernal pools are becoming increasingly difficult to protect around the world. How are they faring in Israel, and what can be done to preserve those that remain?
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Photo by Michael Bryant on Unsplash

Reaching New Heights

A new terrestrial survey based on NASA satellite photos has identified the tallest trees in Israel. Which trees are they, where can they be seen, and how will they fare in a harsher climate?
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