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Public Health Experts see Opportunity for Future Planning amidst Corona Crisis

As COVID-19 continues to dominate headlines, public health experts have viewed this time as an opportunity to learn from the situation and plan for future pandemics that may arise from climate change and environmental degradation
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Light pollution in the Red Sea

New research in Eilat shows that artificial light at night from surrounding tourist attractions has negative effects on corals
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“Flowing,” Israel’s one-of-a-kind TV Series

With COVID-19 dominating the news, many people on lockdown are looking for new and entertaining shows to take their mind off things. Look no further than Zormim (“Flowing”).
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City animals: nuisance or neighbors?

With cities attracting more people every year, tolerance for urban animal life is in question. An audio tour project created by an Israeli researcher is shifting perspectives
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Wastewater Treatment Gives Hope to Alexander River

Pollution sources originating from the West Bank remain a serious threat to the ecology of the Alexander River. An ongoing project to build a new Israeli wastewater treatment plant offers the possibility of full river restoration within the next decade
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Photo by Sarah Vorsanger

The Israeli Prosthetics Clinic That Gives People and Animals a Second Chance

Technoleg Orthopedic Institute has helped countless amputee patients regain the motion of walking for more than 40 years. Recently, they became the first and only place in Israel to make prosthetics for animals
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All you need is trees and trees again

Tu B’shevat or the “New Year of the Tree,” began as an agricultural holiday. Over time it has turned into the most important ecological day of the Jewish calendar, on which trees are planted all over Israel. Today, in times of the climate crisis, afforestation has become more crucial then ever
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The Line Between Religion and the Environment

Is there a connection between religion and the environment? It is often thought that caring about religion does not go hand in hand with being environmentally conscious. However, religious leaders of different faiths are confronting this misconception
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Smartphones can be used to predict forest fires

The key to preparing well ahead of the next fire could be in our pocket, say Israeli researchers
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Israeli scientists use prawns to fight tropical disease

Aquaculture practices are most commonly used to increase food security, ensure the nutritional needs of people, boost a nation’s economy through trade, and provide jobs. However, Israeli researchers are using aquaculture techniques to reduce tropical infectious diseases
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