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Photo by Victor Sobhani on Flickr

Israeli pine trees are dying of thirst

Intensifying droughts and severe heat are beginning to devastate the country's pine populations. A new research study examined which pine trees could be more resistant to the new climate reality
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The last surviving olive

In a new study, Israeli scientists examined how local olive trees cope with dwindling water supplies caused by an intensifying climate crisis
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A new Israeli initiative aims to protect urban wild plants

Have you recently come across some strange words written in chalk on the sidewalk? Most likely, this is not a children's game, but a new initiative aiming to raise awareness about the importance of wild plants in the urban environment – and it is gaining momentum.
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Photo by Amir Arnon, Ramat Hanadiv

What’s the Gazelle eating?

The Mountain Gazelle is a symbol of nature conservation in Israel, but its habitats are disappearing quickly, and its future is uncertain. Luckily, the country’s forests seem to have given refuge to stable gazelle populations. For the first time, scientists are trying to understand how Israel’s pine forests support these elusive herbivores
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Photo by Jochen Bückers on Unsplash

What will happen to the trees?

In hardly any other country of the world has planting trees changed the landscape and the living conditions as much as it did in Israel. In an ongoing research study on the country’s forests, researchers are looking for an answer to the question: “How will Israel manage and preserve its forests in the future?”
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Photo by Dr. Ori Fragman-Sapir

Israel’s forests give shelter to country’s most endangered plants

Israel is known for having performed one of the world’s most extensive tree-planting endeavors. What many people don’t know is that today these forests are home to some of the most endangered plant species in the country
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Photo by Sarah Ohayon

The Forgotten Reef

There is a little natural wonder, hidden underwater just off the beach of the Bat Galim neighborhood in Haifa. But the authorities’ continued disregard for the site could significantly damage its unique ecosystem
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Photo by Andreas Rockstein on Flickr

Silent invasion

In the United States and Europe, measures are already underway to stop the spread of Ambrosia confertiflora, a particularly aggressive invasive plant that originated in America. However, Israel is still not sufficiently aware of its harmful effects on public health and the environment. A team of experts is trying to change the situation
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Photo by natsuki on Unsplash

Under the radar: How sportfishing in Israel contributes to a crisis in the Mediterranean Sea

Sportfishing in Israel has various negative effects on the health of the Mediterranean fisheries. What can be done to improve this situation?
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Photo by Katya O. on Unsplash

Will Israeli watermelons become renewable fuel in the future?

The Malali watermelon is known for its large crunchy seeds, a popular snack among Israelis. However, 97 percent of the fruit is discarded in the field as waste. A new Israeli study shows that this waste could be used to produce renewable fuel
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