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Photo by Aleph Farms

Growing Meat as Opposed to Raising Meat

Israeli ag-tech company, Aleph Farms, can successfully produce cultured meat using a fraction of the land, resources, and time. Young activists are echoing this principle to generate broader public acceptance as a legitimate way to combat climate change.
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Photo by Max Kaplan-Zantopp

The Couple that Changes the Relationship Between Birds and Farmers

She is an agroecologist from Germany, and he is a bird watcher from Israel. Their new joint study explores the way migratory birds help farmers in the southern Arava administer natural pest control
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Photo by Elizaveta Ivanova

The Attractive Odors of Marine Plastic

It has been long assumed marine animals eat plastic because they visually mistake it for prey. However, a recent study suggests this ingestion may actually be the result of the aromas that marine plastic debris emit. Lethal consequences were seen along Tel Aviv’s coastline.
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Photo by Mark Katz on Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Ashalim Stream Still Contaminated from Disastrous Acid Spill

Monitoring program reveals that even after three years, flora and fauna of the Ashalim stream have not yet recovered from 2017 acid spill.
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Photo by Richard on Flickr

Are there ecosystems that benefit from climate change?

While rising temperatures and intensifying droughts caused by the global climate crisis threaten ecosystems and wildlife in Israel, there are some habitats that might actually prosper in the new reality
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Photo by Shelbey Miller on Unsplash

Music for the plants

Some gardeners claim that playing music for their garden plants helps them grow. Others even write music, especially for plants, to increase the growth rate. But can plants even hear? And if so, can this property be utilized to increase agricultural yields and feed the world's ever-growing population? Israeli scientists weigh in on the matter
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Photo by Victor Sobhani on Flickr

Israeli pine trees are dying of thirst

Intensifying droughts and severe heat are beginning to devastate the country's pine populations. A new research study examined which pine trees could be more resistant to the new climate reality
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The last surviving olive

In a new study, Israeli scientists examined how local olive trees cope with dwindling water supplies caused by an intensifying climate crisis
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A new Israeli initiative aims to protect urban wild plants

Have you recently come across some strange words written in chalk on the sidewalk? Most likely, this is not a children's game, but a new initiative aiming to raise awareness about the importance of wild plants in the urban environment – and it is gaining momentum.
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Photo by Amir Arnon, Ramat Hanadiv

What’s the Gazelle eating?

The Mountain Gazelle is a symbol of nature conservation in Israel, but its habitats are disappearing quickly, and its future is uncertain. Luckily, the country’s forests seem to have given refuge to stable gazelle populations. For the first time, scientists are trying to understand how Israel’s pine forests support these elusive herbivores
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