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Detecting Water Contamination Before It Reaches your Tap

On top of the issues brought on by freshwater scarcity, contaminated drinking water has only compounded the problem. Luckily, Israeli researchers have found a way to detect contaminated water in real time before it reaches our homes.
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Photo by U.S. Department of Agriculture, CC BY 2.0

Passover Special: A Moral Obligation to Cut Food Waste

As annual food waste around the world inches closer to reaching one billion metric tons, what can Passover teach us about our responsibilities in correcting this issue and other environmental issues like it?
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How Can We Control Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria?

The continued overuse of antibiotics in livestock feed is fueling dangerous consequences for human public health as bacteria grows ever more resistant to them. A new report from the Ministry of Health outlines recommended policy measures to curb this trend.
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How Does the Coronavirus Affect Diabetics?

A new study conducted at Ben Gurion University draws a link between COVID-19 lockdowns and harmful secondary damage to the health of diabetics. The looming climate crisis may also play a role in their overall health.
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Is Air Pollution Making Coronavirus Worse?

Two Israeli researchers have collected data from around the world and found a worrying link between air pollution levels in OECD countries and the level of morbidity and mortality from COVID-19.
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The Mental Weight of Environmental Calamities on Children

A new survey conducted by psychiatrists found that more than half of the young patients they had treated over the past year had experienced emotional distress due to environmental issues. What can we do to curb this concerning phenomenon?
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Sustainable Protein is Leaping Forward

Are insects the answer to sustainably sourced protein? Israeli company, Hargol FoodTech, is developing a new genetic line of edible grasshoppers, which could help minimize the agriculture sector's notorious GHG emissions.
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The Race for Breast Milk

Biotechnology companies are trying to develop synthetic substitutes for breast milk as an alternative to dairy-based products. But does this solution adequately alleviate health and environmental concerns?
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Growing Meat as Opposed to Raising Meat

Israeli ag-tech company, Aleph Farms, can successfully produce cultured meat using a fraction of the land, resources, and time. Young activists are echoing this principle to generate broader public acceptance as a legitimate way to combat climate change.
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Israel’s cities are not ready for the climate crisis

A new Israeli study conducted in Haifa found that the city is not sufficiently prepared to deal with the effects of the climate crisis. Additionally, the lack of awareness among local decision-makers and city residents was found to be alarming
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