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Green-spored Parasol - Poisonous, Photo by Yehudit Golan

Small, Yet Dangerous: Too Many Israelis are Poisoned by Wild Mushrooms

A new study reveals the patterns of wild mushroom poisoning in our country: most casualties are men and children up to 6. And where do most poisonings occur? No, it is not dense forests – but rather the neighborly lawns
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Image by feraugustodesign from Pixabay

Will Wastewater Suffice?

To alleviate concerns over water scarcity, wastewater reclamation has emerged as a trusty solution to provide adequate water resources. But even after rounds of treatment procedures, is it safe to use? New Israeli research sheds light on the issue.
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Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

The Next Step in Mitigating Food Waste

Try to visualize the combined weight of 5.5 million blue whales, the largest animal on the planet. We’re generating more food waste than that every year, globally. Can a new food pricing initiative lower Israel’s enormous annual food wastage?
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Eating Away at the Planet

Most are unaware of the connection between what we eat and the growing effects of climate change. Could the farm-to-table movement set a new sustainable standard for food production and accessibility in Israel?
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Photos by Cate Bligh, Elizabeth McDaniel, and Mohammed Shahhosseini on Unsplash

A Prognosis for Medical Waste

With the dramatic increase in medical supply production to combat the spread of COVID-19, improperly discarded PPE poses a threat to our environment. Luckily, a new Israeli invention is revolutionizing how we manage this waste safely and sustainably.
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Go With Your Gut

Recent findings from the Weizmann Institute identify how the Mediterranean diet in relation to gut health paves the way for medical advances, all the while providing a sustainable nutritional lifestyle.
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Speeding Tree Growth with Fungi

Israeli researchers have found a natural and symbiotic way to expedite the growth of pine trees by involving edible fungi mushrooms in their early years of growth.
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Detecting Water Contamination Before It Reaches your Tap

On top of the issues brought on by freshwater scarcity, contaminated drinking water has only compounded the problem. Luckily, Israeli researchers have found a way to detect contaminated water in real time before it reaches our homes.
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Photo by U.S. Department of Agriculture, CC BY 2.0

Passover Special: A Moral Obligation to Cut Food Waste

As annual food waste around the world inches closer to reaching one billion metric tons, what can Passover teach us about our responsibilities in correcting this issue and other environmental issues like it?
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Photo by CDC on Unsplash

How Can We Control Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria?

The continued overuse of antibiotics in livestock feed is fueling dangerous consequences for human public health as bacteria grows ever more resistant to them. A new report from the Ministry of Health outlines recommended policy measures to curb this trend.
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