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Photo by Amir Arnon, Ramat Hanadiv

What’s the Gazelle eating?

The Mountain Gazelle is a symbol of nature conservation in Israel, but its habitats are disappearing quickly, and its future is uncertain. Luckily, the country’s forests seem to have given refuge to stable gazelle populations. For the first time, scientists are trying to understand how Israel’s pine forests support these elusive herbivores
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Photo by Andreas Rockstein on Flickr

Silent invasion

In the United States and Europe, measures are already underway to stop the spread of Ambrosia confertiflora, a particularly aggressive invasive plant that originated in America. However, Israel is still not sufficiently aware of its harmful effects on public health and the environment. A team of experts is trying to change the situation
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The Environmental Tariff of Drinking Water

A new Israeli study examined the environmental and climatic effects of the country's drinking water, from its starting point, through pipelines and desalination plants, all the way to the end consumer
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In times of COVID-19, science must count

Informed decision-making depends on reliable data - but there seems to be a shortage of such information in Israel. Experts explain what is missing in the decision-making process during the corona crisis.
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Photo by Katya O. on Unsplash

Will Israeli watermelons become renewable fuel in the future?

The Malali watermelon is known for its large crunchy seeds, a popular snack among Israelis. However, 97 percent of the fruit is discarded in the field as waste. A new Israeli study shows that this waste could be used to produce renewable fuel
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Photo by Christopher A. Dominic on Flickr

New sensor technology “at face level” for more accurate air quality measurements

Israeli scientists from the Technion are developing a set of small portable sensors and a unique algorithm for accurate air pollution mapping in order to monitor the air we breathe more effectively
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Photo by Pierre Janineh on Flickr

Public Spaces and Mental Health in Times of COVID-19

The global quarantine measures in the face of COVID-19 have been unprecedented. And while Israel is still struggling to prevent a second lockdown, city dwellers thirsty for the outdoors flock to the beaches and parks. What did COVID-19 teach us about the importance of public spaces in the city?
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Milk made in Israel – with Ibuprofen and Caffeine

Israeli researchers have found drug and pesticide residues in locally produced milk, but the offices in charge keep passing the buck. "No one in Israel is investigating whether there are any residues of contaminants like pesticides in cattle feed ... It doesn’t interest anyone," says researcher
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Food Security in a Post-COVID-19 World

Are food imports and exports a thing of the past? What will food security in a post-COVID-19 world look like?
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Photo by Joshua Lanzarini on Unsplash

Israel’s Post-COVID Hope for Food Security: Legacy Seeds

Can humanity cope with the current food supply we are accustomed to today? What changes can we make to prepare for the next crisis? Israeli scientists are studying the advantages of legacy seeds in order to answer these questions
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