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Milk made in Israel – with Ibuprofen and Caffeine

Israeli researchers have found drug and pesticide residues in locally produced milk, but the offices in charge keep passing the buck. "No one in Israel is investigating whether there are any residues of contaminants like pesticides in cattle feed ... It doesn’t interest anyone," says researcher
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Food Security in a Post-COVID-19 World

Are food imports and exports a thing of the past? What will food security in a post-COVID-19 world look like?
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Israel’s Post-COVID Hope for Food Security: Legacy Seeds

Can humanity cope with the current food supply we are accustomed to today? What changes can we make to prepare for the next crisis? Israeli scientists are studying the advantages of legacy seeds in order to answer these questions
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From Shavuot to Dairy to Desalination

To prevent public gatherings during COVID-19, Lag BaOmer took place without bonfires, resulting in a significant reduction in air pollution. Now, Shavuot will be the first holiday to be celebrated after most restrictions have been lifted in Israel
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Public Health Experts see Opportunity for Future Planning amidst Corona Crisis

As COVID-19 continues to dominate headlines, public health experts have viewed this time as an opportunity to learn from the situation and plan for future pandemics that may arise from climate change and environmental degradation
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Tel Aviv – New York – Berlin

After weeks of grueling lockdowns and desperate searches for exit strategies, many large and mid- sized companies have resumed limited operations. However, small businesses like restaurants, cafes, and bars, that depend heavily on daily revenue have to remain closed, making it even harder for them to survive
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A Smokeless Lag BaOmer

The decision to cancel Lag BaOmar bonfires this year due to the coronavirus could serve as an opportunity to find more original and less health-damaging and environmentally harmful ways to celebrate the holiday
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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About Working from Home

Working from home used to be a luxury. The thought of sleeping in and not changing out of pajamas was a dream that was only within reach a few times a year, if that. However, now, it has become a reality across the globe.
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Overpopulation in Israel: A self-made crisis

With COVID-19 all over the news and on everyone’s mind, it’s easy to cast aside the issues that are at the root of many of modern society's problems and those that could exacerbate global crises like Coronavirus
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Coronavirus Pushes Israel’s Innovative Spirit to New Levels

The coronavirus pandemic has put the entire world in a gridlock. Like many other countries, Israel is near a complete lockdown, and most of the population is confined to their homes. However, the crisis-experienced nation known for its “outside-of-the-box-thinking” seems to have a couple of aces in the hole
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