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What is the Future for Green Jobs?

In the global effort to economically recover from the Coronavirus pandemic, government leaders worldwide are discussing and debating the transition towards green economies to curb the negative effects of the current climate crisis in the process. Can Israel follow suit?
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Israel Oil Spill: It Was Only a Matter of Time

Israel is still reeling from an oil spill that has laced around 160 kilometers of Mediterranean coastline with tar. Will this event spark a cultural shift away from fossil fuels, or will our dependence on them continue to put marine ecosystems and public health at risk?
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Toning Down Wasteful Printing Habits

With demand for paper rising, so too are deforestation rates as well as paper-related waste. In response to this growing issue, Israeli company, ePaper Ltd. is marketing innovative technology to large companies and government ministries that encourages and minimizes paper use.
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Can Solar Energy be Cleaner?

Although solar technology is revered as the energy of the future, it’s emission-free functionality overshadows solar panels’ improper disposal when they expire. Luckily, a team of Israeli researchers may have found a way to avoid substantial solar panel waste.
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The Green Way to Recover from COVID-19

Experts in economics, policy, and environmental fields have presented a detailed plan designed to rescue the Israeli economy from the hardships brought on by the Coronavirus. Can green initiatives improve our environment and repair Israel’s economic crisis?
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Photo by Prof. Maoz Fine, Bar-Ilan University

A Catastrophe in the Red Sea is Imminent

The Safer oil tanker has not been maintained in the five years since its takeover by Houthi rebels off the west coast of Yemen. Experts warn of a disastrous oil spill in the Red Sea as the vessel nears its final stages of decay. Can this be stopped before it’s too late?
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Climate Change is Compromising our Security

National security hangs in the balance as climate change weakens the integrity of nations’ militaries worldwide. Upgrading military infrastructures to properly cope with weather extremes should be prioritized in order to prepare for the conflicts that lie ahead.
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Lumiweave - by Anai Green

Lumiweave – The evolution of light and shade

Anai Green, this year’s winner of the Women4Climate Tech Challenge, has created a novel outdoor fabric called Lumiweave, combining the benefits of renewable off-the-grid solar energy with day-time shading in one material.
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Israel must aim for net-zero emissions

One of Israel's primary goals should be to quit fossil fuels and create an economy with zero emissions by 2050. That is the dominant global trend, and if we do not change our course, we may pay a severe economic price.
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Will Israel buy Jordanian green electricity in the future?

Following the buzz generated by the normalization agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, an initiative to purchase renewable energy from Jordan has somewhat fallen between the cracks. Could this really be a tangible solution?
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