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Photo by Hernan Sanchez on Unsplash

Too Bright To Be Sound Asleep

With cities growing larger, urban residential areas are getting louder and brighter, and it’s becoming harder to sleep at night. A new Israeli study sets out to prove that noise and light pollution are impacting your sleep schedule.
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Image by feraugustodesign from Pixabay

Will Wastewater Suffice?

To alleviate concerns over water scarcity, wastewater reclamation has emerged as a trusty solution to provide adequate water resources. But even after rounds of treatment procedures, is it safe to use? New Israeli research sheds light on the issue.
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Photo courtesy of Yaron Ben Nun.

Putting Buildings on Ice

With renewable energy storage lacking and demand for indoor cooling spiking, an Israeli company has found a sustainable way to supply both.
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Photo by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash

A.I. Gives Traffic Reduction the Green Light

To address the alarming economic and environmental consequences of inefficient vehicle transportation, Israeli company, Intelligent Traffic Control (ITC), has developed a twofold solution to lessen road congestion and alleviate its burden on the environment.
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Photo by Noa Zuckerman

Can Plant-Covered Buildings Cool Things Down?

With each passing summer, cities are getting hotter and more unbearable. With the demand for cooling at an all-time high, a new Israeli study investigates the real-scale benefits of living green buildings on the urban environment and human health.
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Photo by Hiriya Recycling Park

What a Throwaway Year

Researchers from the Hiriya Recycling Park examined the urban and residential waste throughout Tel Aviv during the COVID-19 pandemic and revealed some surprising findings.
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Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash

Industrial Symbiosis: Good For the Economy, Good For the Environment

How do industries break a decades-long cycle of indiscriminate waste dumping when our own economy encourages it? Answer: Educate the market. With a little nudge, one industry’s waste can be another’s raw material.
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Photo by Cole Keister on Unsplash

An Opportunity for Real Change

Six moves can bring about a rapid revolution in the Israeli energy economy, which will benefit all citizens of the country.
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Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Predicting Electrical Grid Problems Before It’s Too Late

A collaboration between an Israeli and an American company may help to curb the problems caused by grid overload and equipment malfunction.
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Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Israeli Startup Aims to Convert Carbon Emissions Into Natural Gas

A new technological prototype from a new Israeli company may make it possible to make circular use of the carbon dioxide emitted from combustion engines. Will closing the loop in this way even be feasible or economically viable?
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