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Photo by J Sommer on Flickr

Not Mush-Room for Error

A new Israeli study reveals the threats currently facing wild mushroom populations in Israel. What needs to be done, and what needs to change in order to ensure their presence and diversity for the climatically grim years ahead?
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Photo courtesy of Prof. Maoz Fine, Bar-Ilan University

The Perils of Cold-Induced Coral Bleaching

Despite the high temperature tolerance of northern Red Sea corals, a new Israeli study shows how susceptible they are to cold-shifted seawater conditions—a potential consequence of the climate crisis.
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Photo by Doug Kelley on Unsplash

Can Grapevines Cope with Climate Change?

A new Israeli study reveals how vines manage to survive in the dry and heated conditions of the Israeli summer. But will they be able to thrive when conditions significantly worsen due to the climate crisis? What will happen to our wine?
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Photo by U.S. Department of Agriculture, CC BY 2.0

Passover Special: A Moral Obligation to Cut Food Waste

As annual food waste around the world inches closer to reaching one billion metric tons, what can Passover teach us about our responsibilities in correcting this issue and other environmental issues like it?
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Photo by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

How Does the Coronavirus Affect Diabetics?

A new study conducted at Ben Gurion University draws a link between COVID-19 lockdowns and harmful secondary damage to the health of diabetics. The looming climate crisis may also play a role in their overall health.
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Photo by Zoya Loonohod on Unsplash

Is Air Pollution Making Coronavirus Worse?

Two Israeli researchers have collected data from around the world and found a worrying link between air pollution levels in OECD countries and the level of morbidity and mortality from COVID-19.
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Photo by Lexi Lee on Flickr

The Mental Weight of Environmental Calamities on Children

A new survey conducted by psychiatrists found that more than half of the young patients they had treated over the past year had experienced emotional distress due to environmental issues. What can we do to curb this concerning phenomenon?
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Photo by Ella Pozner

Are We Planting Too Many Trees?

Special for Tu Bishvat: A new Israeli study finds that low density forests sequester more carbon dioxide than dense ones and thus better contribute towards climate change mitigation.
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Photo by Roey Egozi

The Farms Keep Flooding

Heavy winter rainfall events are producing intense and frequent floods to many agricultural areas in Israel. With greater financial damages accruing over time, what measures can be taken to better protect farmer’s livelihoods and our source of food?
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Photo by Benjamin Rascoe on Unsplash

Climate Change is Compromising our Security

National security hangs in the balance as climate change weakens the integrity of nations’ militaries worldwide. Upgrading military infrastructures to properly cope with weather extremes should be prioritized in order to prepare for the conflicts that lie ahead.
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