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The Containers. Photo By Ofer Snir

Say No to Overflow: a Solution Against Floods?

A new Israeli invention – rainwater storage tanks to be placed on residential buildings and controlled by a computerized system – may reduce the load on the drainage systems in cities, thereby helping to minimize the dangerous floods Israel has encountered in the recent winters
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Photo by Stuart Rankin, Flickr, Edited NASA visualization, CC BY-NC 2.0

If We Want to Save Our Planet, We Need to Think Out of This World

Although many people might not be aware of it, NASA doesn't just deal with space – it also does a great deal to study the Earth's climate – and the way it's changing today
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Hotter Summers, Higher Health Risks

A new Israeli study from the Technion finds an uninterrupted rise in the country’s temperature and humidity rates. Not only does this feel unpleasant, it is also dangerously unhealthy long-term
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Photo by Alex Belogub on Unsplash

The Plight of Next-Generation Trees

A new Israeli study finds young forest trees struggling to reach maturity due to the harsh drought conditions intensified by the climate crisis.
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Photo by Yonatan Bar-Yosef

Let’s Pool it Together

As climate change and land development projects persist around the world, vernal pools are becoming increasingly difficult to protect around the world. How are they faring in Israel, and what can be done to preserve those that remain?
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Photo by Daniel Peters on Unsplash

Make Forests Resilient Again

With climate change warnings reaching unprecedented new levels, how will our forests cope? A new study reveals how effective Israeli forests are in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and what needs to be done to improve their resiliency to the climate crisis.
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Photo courtesy of Yaron Ben Nun.

Putting Buildings on Ice

With renewable energy storage lacking and demand for indoor cooling spiking, an Israeli company has found a sustainable way to supply both.
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Photo by Marta Wróblewska on Pixabay

The Branch Doesn’t Fall Too Far from the Tree

Just as buildings require maintenance, so do municipal planted trees. Researchers warn of an overlooked life-threatening phenomenon: falling branches in the summertime.
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Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

The Next Step in Mitigating Food Waste

Try to visualize the combined weight of 5.5 million blue whales, the largest animal on the planet. We’re generating more food waste than that every year, globally. Can a new food pricing initiative lower Israel’s enormous annual food wastage?
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Photo by RFERL

Is Gender Inequality Sabotaging Our Fight Against Climate Change?

Countries aren’t moving fast enough to meet the environmental targets for 2050 set by the Paris Agreement. Addressing underlying gender inequality may be the key to picking up the pace, something that Israel has just begun to tackle.
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