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Photo by Bluewater Globe on Unsplash

Detecting Water Contamination Before It Reaches your Tap

On top of the issues brought on by freshwater scarcity, contaminated drinking water has only compounded the problem. Luckily, Israeli researchers have found a way to detect contaminated water in real time before it reaches our homes.
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Photo by Tsvika Tsuk, Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Rooted in History

The first Israeli study of its kind examined how the important archeological site in Beit She'arim can be saved from the roots of the trees that penetrate it without harming the trees themselves.
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Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

From Waste to Paste

A new development makes it possible to convert discarded plastic bags left to pollute into strong, adhesive glue substances. Will this succeed in reducing the ongoing environmental damage perpetrated by disposable plastic?
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Photo courtesy of Kenaf Ventures

A Botanical Cure for Construction Sector’s Heavy Carbon Emissions

In the effort to decarbonize the buildings and construction sector, a CleanTech Israeli company has developed a unique and environmentally friendly building material: the kenaf plant.
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Photo by Bas Emmen on Unsplash

Toning Down Wasteful Printing Habits

With demand for paper rising, so too are deforestation rates as well as paper-related waste. In response to this growing issue, Israeli company, ePaper Ltd. is marketing innovative technology to large companies and government ministries that encourages and minimizes paper use.
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Photo by Mariana Proença on Unsplash

Can Solar Energy be Cleaner?

Although solar technology is revered as the energy of the future, it’s emission-free functionality overshadows solar panels’ improper disposal when they expire. Luckily, a team of Israeli researchers may have found a way to avoid substantial solar panel waste.
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Photo by Michael Schiffer on Unsplash

Recycling Plastic: Let Bacteria Do the Work

Collaboration between researchers from Ben Gurion University and a Portuguese recycling company is working to develop an original technological solution to the problem of single-use disposable plastic: feed it to bacteria.
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Photo by Maicol Santos on Unsplash

Sustainable Protein is Leaping Forward

Are insects the answer to sustainably sourced protein? Israeli company, Hargol FoodTech, is developing a new genetic line of edible grasshoppers, which could help minimize the agriculture sector's notorious GHG emissions.
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Photo by Lucy Wolski on Unsplash

The Race for Breast Milk

Biotechnology companies are trying to develop synthetic substitutes for breast milk as an alternative to dairy-based products. But does this solution adequately alleviate health and environmental concerns?
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Photo by Aleph Farms

Growing Meat as Opposed to Raising Meat

Israeli ag-tech company, Aleph Farms, can successfully produce cultured meat using a fraction of the land, resources, and time. Young activists are echoing this principle to generate broader public acceptance as a legitimate way to combat climate change.
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