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Photo by Aleph Farms

Growing Meat as Opposed to Raising Meat

Israeli ag-tech company, Aleph Farms, can successfully produce cultured meat using a fraction of the land, resources, and time. Young activists are echoing this principle to generate broader public acceptance as a legitimate way to combat climate change.
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Lumiweave - by Anai Green

Lumiweave – The evolution of light and shade

Anai Green, this year’s winner of the Women4Climate Tech Challenge, has created a novel outdoor fabric called Lumiweave, combining the benefits of renewable off-the-grid solar energy with day-time shading in one material.
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Photo by paul silvan on Unsplash

Will Israel buy Jordanian green electricity in the future?

Following the buzz generated by the normalization agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, an initiative to purchase renewable energy from Jordan has somewhat fallen between the cracks. Could this really be a tangible solution?
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Photo by Ivan on Flickr

The Environmental Tariff of Drinking Water

A new Israeli study examined the environmental and climatic effects of the country's drinking water, from its starting point, through pipelines and desalination plants, all the way to the end consumer
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Photo by NPS

A new approach to earthquake early warning: SeismicAi

A young Israeli company is aiming to revolutionize earthquake early warning, with a new seismic algorithm and a unique seismic sensor network
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Photo by Katya O. on Unsplash

Will Israeli watermelons become renewable fuel in the future?

The Malali watermelon is known for its large crunchy seeds, a popular snack among Israelis. However, 97 percent of the fruit is discarded in the field as waste. A new Israeli study shows that this waste could be used to produce renewable fuel
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Photo by Christopher A. Dominic on Flickr

New sensor technology “at face level” for more accurate air quality measurements

Israeli scientists from the Technion are developing a set of small portable sensors and a unique algorithm for accurate air pollution mapping in order to monitor the air we breathe more effectively
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Researchers strive to monitor forest health with drones

In the 1970s, Keren Kayemet LeYisrael – Jewish National Fund (KKL – JNF) began monitoring the health of Israeli forests. Five years ago, they started using satellite imagery. Today, scientists are deploying drones to find out if new technology can replace conventional monitoring methods
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Photo by Fredrick Suwandi on Unsplash

Could there be an Israel without air conditioning in the future?

After almost two months of nation-wide lockdown due to COVID-19, Israel went from quarantine straight into a record-breaking heatwave, and AC’s throughout the country were running at full speed
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Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash

Peering into a World of Solarpunk

As the environment continues to benefit from restrictions imposed by the government because of COVID-19, perhaps we should take advantage of the cleaner climatic conditions and lay down the groundwork for a more environmentally synergistic society
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