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Putting Buildings on Ice

With renewable energy storage lacking and demand for indoor cooling spiking, an Israeli company has found a sustainable way to supply both.
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A.I. Gives Traffic Reduction the Green Light

To address the alarming economic and environmental consequences of inefficient vehicle transportation, Israeli company, Intelligent Traffic Control (ITC), has developed a twofold solution to lessen road congestion and alleviate its burden on the environment.
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Can Plant-Covered Buildings Cool Things Down?

With each passing summer, cities are getting hotter and more unbearable. With the demand for cooling at an all-time high, a new Israeli study investigates the real-scale benefits of living green buildings on the urban environment and human health.
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Improving Greenhouse Crop Yields with AI

Between frequent climate extremes and the rising human population rising, major breadbasket nations are struggling to satisfy supply and demand. A new Israeli ag-tech company is providing artificial intelligence to improve local agriculture.
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A Prognosis for Medical Waste

With the dramatic increase in medical supply production to combat the spread of COVID-19, improperly discarded PPE poses a threat to our environment. Luckily, a new Israeli invention is revolutionizing how we manage this waste safely and sustainably.
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Go With Your Gut

Recent findings from the Weizmann Institute identify how the Mediterranean diet in relation to gut health paves the way for medical advances, all the while providing a sustainable nutritional lifestyle.
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Setting Sail with Sustainable Shopping

As textile and clothing production and its waste generation wildly ramp up, one organization is showing just how well sustainable conduct could transform the overly excessive nature of the fashion industry.
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Predicting Electrical Grid Problems Before It’s Too Late

A collaboration between an Israeli and an American company may help to curb the problems caused by grid overload and equipment malfunction.
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Israeli Startup Aims to Convert Carbon Emissions Into Natural Gas

A new technological prototype from a new Israeli company may make it possible to make circular use of the carbon dioxide emitted from combustion engines. Will closing the loop in this way even be feasible or economically viable?
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Detecting Water Contamination Before It Reaches your Tap

On top of the issues brought on by freshwater scarcity, contaminated drinking water has only compounded the problem. Luckily, Israeli researchers have found a way to detect contaminated water in real time before it reaches our homes.
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