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Turning plastic waste into sustainable products

A recently unveiled technology from an Israeli-led company might help combat the globally mounting plastic problem
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The Israeli Prosthetics Clinic That Gives People and Animals a Second Chance

Technoleg Orthopedic Institute has helped countless amputee patients regain the motion of walking for more than 40 years. Recently, they became the first and only place in Israel to make prosthetics for animals
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Sustainable food for the future

Have you ever considered where your food is produced? The vast majority of our protein comes from land-based farm operations, while only 15% of protein comes from the sea. Cultivating seaweed and aquatic organisms including fish has the potential to provide our global population with high-quality resources with numerous proven health benefits
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Work from home, save money and protect the environment

Working remotely from a neighborhood cafe or regional business center can help to reduce road congestion and pollutant emissions, as well as save billions of dollars that would have otherwise been lost to commuting
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Israeli Startup Helps Farmers Cope with Climate Change

Rural communities in Africa rely heavily on agriculture. However, the impacts of climate change have severely affected the crop yield in recent years. OKO, an Israeli startup, is working to make sure that these farmers do not suffer economically from crop loss
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Israeli start-up strives to cut CO2 emissions using food waste

An Israeli startup, HomeBiogas, aims to cut three million tons of CO2 emissions by 2022 using an affordable and accessible biogas system that is fueled by a combination of bacteria and food scraps
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Chic Tech

The fashion industry is in desperate need of a change in order to reduce its impact on the environment. An Israeli company wants to use the power of technology to revolutionize the way we produce and consume
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Ten Percent Green Electricity for Israel in 2020?

According to Israel’s energy commitments, ten percent of its electricity will be supplied by renewable energy sources in 2020. How close is Israel to meeting this goal, and how does it match up with other nations in the world?
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Israeli scientists use prawns to fight tropical disease

Aquaculture practices are most commonly used to increase food security, ensure the nutritional needs of people, boost a nation’s economy through trade, and provide jobs. However, Israeli researchers are using aquaculture techniques to reduce tropical infectious diseases
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New Israeli Technology Combats Oil Pollution

A remote sensor capable of producing high-resolution data on soil contaminants could be placed on drones or satellites to help deal with oil leaks
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